We went back, after the finisher had stained and clear coated, to install knobs and door bumpers. I was really pleased with how the whole thing came together. In the end it’s a beautiful kitchen. The homeowners are in love, and we’re satisfied with a job well done.


Every time I come back to a job after a week or so away I’m get a little breathless with what we’ve done.


These pictures show details of the finished room. It starts by listening to the client. What do they want ? What’s the budget ? I’m often times competing against a bigger company that has a handsomely designed showroom. There, the customer can see exactly what they’re going to get. Our advantage is everything is built to order. We don’t have standard sizes, We re-invent the wheel every day. In a small kitchen , we get much more efficient use of space .

This was built and designed in partnership with Jeff Davis of Elemental Design in Los Angeles. It was a pleasure working with Jeff and we look forward to many more successful builds with him…