Heather and Zoe are modeling one of our new creations. These gorgeous cases can be used as a make-up case, a purse, a lunch box, a camera case, a notions box, or just to carry cash.

These are made of African Mahogany veneer, with different color stains.

We can make these specialty cases in any size. On the design table are guitar cases and Make up cases with multi-level trays…


We got the idea for these from make up cases sold at beauty stores. We were thinking how luxurious life was when people traveled on ships and used steamer trunks to carry their belongings…

The boxes are 10″ wide x 7 1/2″ tall x 7″ deep. The y are available in different color stains, black, walnut , and a reddish mahogany. We also make one with all different color panels!


you can contact us at: (323) 377-1545 and check out our website