This is our boring part of the business, the office.  That’s my desk on the left. I spend a lot of my time in here making shop drawings, figuring out the exact amount of materials and parts that we need for a job, calculating  bids to make our customers happy and many more creative endeavors. Heather, the office manager, sits to the left of me and keeps me on track. That’s her desk on the right. Heather pays the bills, including payroll, rent, etc…She also keeps accurate records of labor and materials cost on each job, so at the end we know if we made a profit.

I seem to collect wood. I always have slabs of trees, or reclaimed planks, or some strange timber I’ve found. Sometimes it’s an old chair or whatever but, I always have random pieces of wood around the shop, which usually ends up in the office, for that one brilliant idea that I come up with.

On the left is a group of old measuring devices. Some are antique, some just old. I use them all. They are mostly calipers for measuring thickness, inside diameter, outside diameter, or marking to make a cut or measurement.

On the right is some of “the collection” of the wood in the office…even on the walls.

Lastly, here’s one of our box units with a collection of tools, finials, pottery…ect. This box unit is built with zebra and ebony wood and its for sale….