These are a few little jobs that I have done over the years. A friend of mine and his beautiful family live in a beautiful house near Larchmont Village.

    ImageAbout five years ago we built the cabinets in their laundry room. Their laundry room is nicer than most peoples kitchens. There are uppers for storage, lower bins that tilt out, for whites etc.., and a closet for hanging things and brooms and mops. After five years it’s holding up very well.

  Image We also built this cute little bathroom vanity. It’s styled to look like a classic dresser, but the front is one big door. What a surprise !!


A couple of years later we built this moderne kitchen/file storage in the office over the garage. There are eight full depth file drawers that hold about 200 lbs of files each. There’s also a sink in the middle, so they make coffee, and keep their lunch stuff clean. It’s a nice office set.

    ImageMost recently, we built this “his” closet. The master closet that they split was no longer enough, so we built this four door extravaganza right in the corner of the bedroom. There’s two rows of hanging and a rack that holds shoes, two deep. Now he has a place, all his own.

     They have three kids and are celebrating 21 years of marriage today!! Hopefully this new closet facility will help them get along for another 21 years…The things we build increase the quality of life for people in ways that are beyond imagination…