Image  Here’s a kitchen that is nearing completion. People seem to think that when we build something it’s quiet, calm, and peacefully done. Let me assure you, it’s total mayhem…We’re trying to finish our woodwork. Tile guys are crawling up the wall with adhesive and ceramic. The plumber is hooking up the pipes that supply water to the dishwasher, sink, and fridge. The electrician is standing on my new cabinets to hook up his lighting…! And the G.C. is making sure everything is covered before it’s finished.

Now, in addition to hammering and electric saws intermittently running, there’s mariachi music blasting from a radio right next to us, while I’m trying to do some math and order a specific piece of hardware. Construction guys seem to loath, even just a moment of quiet.

This is how we produce our well thought out and meticulously crafted kitchens. Here’s a view during construction.