ImageWhen I was a kid, I had a book that showed the Watts Towers being one of the premiere things to see in California. There was Lombard Street, The Golden Gate Bridge, Yosemite National Park, Alcatraz, and The Watts Towers.
    After sixteen years of living in Los Angeles, I finally went to see them. The picture proves that I was there.
   They’re not as big as I  had imagined, but they are in remarkably good shape. I didn’t see any cracks or chips. I didn’t see any graffiti either.
    They are a small triangular park, and right across the small street are a few small houses. I wonder if the folks that live in these little houses realize how spectacular these towers are.
   Image  I love that these small handmade sculptures have lasted 90 years from when construction began (1921- 1955). There was a fence around the wall, so I could not enter, but I stood back and gave them a good look. This is the type of work that inspires us at Chris Karlson Design. Handmade, on a human scale, these towers were made with common material, but have survived almost a century. That is a quality I like.

  You have to go and see them!!