Image  I was searching through some old photos, from the days before I went digital, and I found this. This is one of the best things I ever built. It’s a bookcase. I was commissioned to build a library for a John Lautner house. This is Schaffer Residence, named after the original owners. It’s a beautiful place in Montrose/LaCanada. It’s one of the coolest houses I’ve ever been in.

      The house has lots of floor to ceiling glass windows and huge swinging glass doors. There’s really no wall space to put books. So…we built it free standing in the middle of the room..It’s low so you can see over it and the acute angle matches the room in which it resides. 

   It’s made of redwood, like the rest of the interior. And it looks original..I put numerous coats of shellac then oil, shellac then oil, shellac then oil…

   I think if Lautner was alive today and saw it he would say, ” I was wondering where to put a bookcase…” ” Why didn’t I think of that?”