Image This is a wall unit we built in a loft in Hollywood. It turns a little balcony into a cozy library with storage.

        We drilled 1″ holes in the wall, right into the stud, inserted a metal tube,  and fit the hollow shelf over it. Each shelve is a hollow box fitted over 4 pieces of steel. These shelves will hold a lot of weight.

The cabinet below, is for general storage and one pair of doors hide two file drawers and three drawers for office junk. Image

       The whole thing is made of white oak veneer and has a contemporary look. We decided to apply the same veneer to the sliding door, so it matches. I think it pulls the whole thing together.


The clients were very happy. And we are happy too. It feels good to build something that is useful and attractive. This little balcony has become the favorite place to sit in the whole loft…