ImageOne of our best clients over the last ten years bought a house in Hollywood. During the rather extensive remodel, we pulled out quite a few old 2 x 4’s. These were the really nice ones that measure a full 2 inches by 4 inches. Some had that nice tight grain you see in old growth timber.

      We started with a stack of about 70 boards. They were 9 -10 feet long and we pulled out years of old nails. Then we went over them again and again and got the rest of the nails. Some of the boards had splits and cracks and we discarded them. After sifting through the pile we found about fifteen boards that we loved for the top of the table. We lightly sanded them smooth, but left a lot of saw marks and the natural “cut”…Image

      Some of the boards were thicker so we ran them all through the planer to standardize thickness. We prefinished each board so the glue wouldn’t leave a stain. Then we glued ’em up…

      After the top was made we assembled the base upside down on the table to get the proportions right.

     ImageOn a Saturday, the client came in to see progress. ” You can’t do this” he said…”this is incredible”  ” No one does this”…. “I do” is all I said.  

     So now the happy customer has a table that technically has been in the house since 1920, but that was made last month. They are happy and we are happy to be of service…!