ImageThis is what we’ve been working on this week. At HUM Studio in Santa Monica, where they create original music for TV commercials, we turned the lobby into a lounge. They must be doing well because Jeff is treating his people really well. Maybe they’re getting too much done? Image

The whole lobby has been transfigured from lobby with chairs and a reception desk, into a bar with booths and two sound stages. They plan on having little parties with an acoustic set, and of course they might have a bartender pouring some exotic drinks…! We built the bar, with a flip top, two large wall units, and the curved parts of the stage.

It looks simple but there’s a lot going on in that little lobby. The whole thing is, once again, a George Kelly design. It’s all black walnut. It’s gorgeous…

These pictures are of the bar under construction. In a week or two we will post the final pictures with the entire space completed….