Image These chairs are adaptations of a Marcel Breuer chair. Sam Kaufman commissioned me to build these several years ago. His voluminous knowledge of mid-century design does not sit idle too often. In this case he had been thinking about a particular chair designed in the 40’s as an inexpensive school chair. It was two sides with plywood in between.
We both liked the design and thought it was a good starting point. We began to our own versions one at a time. We copied the sides and experimented with other things “in between”. We tried a swivel back, a curved seat, little dowels and big dowels. The big dowels look great, but are not comfortable during an extended sitting. I know because I used this one as my computer desk chair for a time…
ImageAfter fifteen years, I still think about this chair design. I have built other chairs along the lines of “two sides” with something in between and I’m sure they’ll be more. Any time you see a chair design that you like…remember…No one designed it. It was the next step in chair-volution. Just like Sam and I did here.