ImageHere we are at my favorite “store” in Los Angeles. Welcome to Bohnhoff Lumber, a family owned business that has been selling hardwood and softwood for just over a century. We are currently loading  4/4″ black walnut into the Dodge for a restaurant in Rohnert Park called Graton Rancheria Casino, part of the Daily Grill…!  We are privileged to be able to hand select the boards we want, which is something that fewer and fewer yards allow. We are careful to re-stack the units as we found them.  We will also grab some 5/4″ for the trim we’ll need. The job consists of about 70 tables for a fine dining restaurant, and it comes through George Kelly Architects. Thanks George.  Image

The next day we begin milling the walnut into the desired thickness. We do this ourselves to ensure we get the boards all to the just same dimensions. Milling rough sawn lumber is one of my favorite things to do. We run it across the jointer to flatten one side and then it goes through the thickness planer to make the other side parallel. We have fairly small machines but with care we get precisely cut wood.

  Later these boards will be assembled into table tops and sprayed with bar top lacquer. They will provide years of enjoyment for the patrons of Graton Rancheria Casino.