ImageWe were commissioned by Hotel de Ville to reproduce this antique display case. Hotel de Ville is a purveyor of fine vintage and antique eye-wear . With three stores in Los Angeles they need lots of ways to show their goods. I have built them quite a few cases over the years, starting with the original store on Rosewood. I met them when I was working next door at HUNDREDS and accidentally drilled through the wall. We’ve been friends ever since…Image


Xavier has a very distinctive style. He found the original case at a flea market. It’s an old sewing store case that has lost all it’s drawers. We made a reproduction in African Mahogany which will, over time,  take on a lovely patina. It holds 96 pairs of glasses and spins around so it’s fun to look for the right pair…

 Xavier found these claw feet, that ,must be a hundred years old. We had Skinny B, metal worker, fabricate this cool victorian stand…Image

    We rarely do something we’ve done before….and this was no different. Now we have an octagonal glasses display in our resume. If you have an odd furniture request call us…..