ImageFor the serious collector….We are having a sale.   It’s an estate sale, although the owner is still with us…My dad has been collecting for years and he wants to make room.  Here are a few pictures of some of the things available…There’s an old birdcage. ImageSpanish sleds used for threshing wheat, they have hundreds of flint stones cut into the bottom. Porceline cats and figurines, Old mustard jars from the turn of the century. Carved wood things from Indonesia, Africa, New Guinea.  There are 100 – 200 year old maps….Prints from the Biblioteque. I will also have a small section of handmade modern furniture…!
I guarantee you’ll find a treasure.

     The sale will be the weekend of September 28-29. Hollywood Hills near the Hollywood Bowl.  Stay tuned for more info….ImageImageImage