ImageMy Dad, who is a “collector”, is having a sale. At 83, he realizes he can’t take it with him. The sale will be September 28 and 29  in Hollywood. We’ll give the address next week.Image

There are items from 17th, 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries, including maps, prints, pottery, wood carvings from primitive lands….. Lots of Napoleon…. Military medals. Knives and swords…… Pottery from Giovanni Desimone and Roget Capron, both of whom were friends of my dad….. Lots of porcelain cats and figurines. Tapa cloths from Fiji…… A huge bunch of Balinese stuff, he went there a few times…..Image

ImageDisplay boxes with exotic seashells…..I’ll have some modern furniture…..

I guarantee there’s something for everybody…