Pictured above is a vanity we built for a house in Hollywood. I was a little surprised when I first saw the drawing for this. It’s not the style we usually do, and I was a little hesitant. But …you know me, I hate to turn down work..So I went out and bought the bun feet..then we built the case, which is wider in the back… The door and drawer faces we made ourselves. They’re oak plywood with a thin strip of oak stick all around.

Once the thing was made we decided to stain it ourselves too, which is something we try to stay away from. We threw on a coat of brown, then gray , then brown, then something else….Then finally we clear coated and brought it in.

We had a heck of a time getting it up the stairs…It weighs a ton and it’s large. We squeaked it up this little tiny 1929 stairway, through one door, around a corner, took another door off the hinges and finally dropped her in place. The plumber did his thing, then the marble guy added the counter and there you have it.

This is a “his and hers” vanity..I wonder who will get the drawers in the center..?