ImageFather Hieu, from Lady of Loretto church on Union St, stopped by a few weeks ago. He was inquiring if we would be interested in building some prayer benches for the prayer room at his Church. “Why yes I would, Father” was my reply. The building is a 60’s style that I understand and like very much. We looked at the room, we looked at pictures, we looked at material…..This is what we came up with…Four benches with upholstered seats, and two kneelers that have the same burgundy velvet for your knees. They all fit into a tiny little prayer room that is full most of the time.

Years ago in N.Y. I built a pedestal and rail for a Catholic Church on 7th Ave. It’s still there and probably will be for years. Its feels good to build something that will last.

My daughter is Catholic, and while I am not, I can say I helped build the local church. I feel blessed to have been able to participate, and Damn, they look good…!