Heather Stephens is our office manager. She has a beautiful 5 year old named Dahlia. Dahlia recently graduated from her old toddler bed, which gave us an opportunity to build her one. Dahlia, like her beautiful mom, is rather petite, so we used the same crib mattress and spring. We built a kind of traditional bed in the shabby chic style. To make it special we hand carved a “D” in the headboard. There was a lot of discussion about what kind of lettering and  the exact position….
 The parameters were…It had to have 9″ clearance underneath…it couldn’t be more than 24″ high total. And it had to fit the existing mattress. Like Dahlia and her mom, the apartment is small, so we didn’t want to waste any space….and we wanted storage under.

    The final results are, with lavender paint, super cute…just like Dahlia..!