ImageWe have recently come in contact with Ernsdorf Design. They are just about 1/2 a mile down the road from us, so we’ve been neighbors for two years, but only just met. They are a family business. There’s Seth, his dad John, and John’s brother Steven.        
     What these guys do is cast concrete. They make table and counter surfaces, large bowls for fire or plants and all other kinds of cast “things”. They have approached us to make molds.
     We like to think of ourselves as fine woodworkers, but we are very happy making the part that gets thrown away. With these molds its about perfecting the inside.Image

    Pictured here is the first piece we made for them in our shop, and then there’s a picture of it being filled with cement…in their place, just down the road…

      The second project was two small cubes. See them with foam inserts. And then see the finished planter.  These molds can be used several times and we are overjoyed to be part of the process…We really like the final products…Image

   Image It looks like there could be some big things on the horizon with Ernsdorf Design and Chris Karlson Design. It’s funny that we both have “design” in our names when really what we do is mostly hard work…