ImageHere’s an update on our “high end” bath. This room , as we worked on it, took on a “classic” feel like I’ve never seen before. I was not aware of the color of the marble floor until we brought our cabinets in. When I saw the two together, I realized there was magic in the air. The grey veined, white marble was laid very carefully, to create a subtle pattern in the floor. The glossy pale grey lacquer on our cabinets boxes really fit well with the floor.

After the counters went on, which were cut from the same marble as the floor, I realized our work was being presented really well. It felt like a piece of art in a really nice frame…Image

The marble made our work look good….After the counters went on, we went back to install the upper.

By this time we had created the delicate little filigree for the two doors. I had never made anything like this before…but now we have a new trick in our repertoire.

The project continued to “grow” when it was decided to put mirror in every panel. My first thought was ” NNOOOOOOOoooooooo”, but we are in Hollywood and why not go shiny, big , and loud every time you get the chance?