Image My love affair with wood goes primitive here. For years I’ve watched beautiful old 2 x 4’s get thrown out when a 1920’s house gets remodeled. I looked on in horror as this beautiful resource was disposed of.
   Then, I said, “I’ll build something with them”.
    We got a load from a house we were working on and made a dining room table. So the new table had actually been in the house for 90 years. But the table’s Imagebrand new. See it on the home page at…With the rest of the wood I started building frames. We put mirrors in them and upholstery tacks on the front and “Bang…!” Medieval Mirror Frames. We can make them in any size. And we do all kinds of patterns with the studs… Actually what happens is…When I’m happy with someone…They get to do the studs on a frame.
   Pictured here see 17 1/4″ squares, 19 1/4″ squares, 19 1/4″ x 25″, and 20″ x 40″. We’ve also made a matched pair of 20 x 40, with big studs and a custom matched pair of 26 x 40 for a person in South Carolina…!  It was our first sale of this item…