l 2  Here’s a little job we just finished. Golden State Vape Shop on Temple Street hired us to build a vapor rack / display. This whole “vape” craze is out of control. Everybody’s vaping….It’s the new thing, and we’re in on it. 

    IMG_2415We worked with the client to design a rack that would look great and show a lot of product. This classic looking display case will hold about 4,000 bottles of juice. It takes up zero floor space and makes the shop look appealing and abundant… It looks like an old classic hotel with mail slots. 
    We were working within a very tight budget, so we built it out of MDF and painted it. Painting was a lot more work than we imagined. There are 276 slots and each one holds about fifteen bottles. While we were painting , it seemed like a million slots.
IMG_2311   We precut all the parts and pre-painted them too…. Then we assembled it and painted the front edge.  It’s more work than we imagined. But in the end our rack looks great, and Golden State is going to sell a lot of bottles. I am not blowing smoke up your ass…The end.