IMG_4012      Some of the coolest work we do gets thrown out and is not part of a finished product. This is the work we do for Ernsdorf Design. They are right down the street from us and not a week goes by that they don’t have us build something. They make concrete furniture. We make the molds for them.

     Pictured here is a round “Fire Table”. It’s a big round cylinder of cast concrete with a gas flame mechanism. The reason it looks so perfect is the mold was made by Chris Karlson Design.  We’ve built five or six of these in various sizes and a bunch of rectangular ones too.
    In addition to ” Fire Tables”, we make molds for counter tops, sinks, seats, tables, and pedestals.IMG_4013
   We like Ernsdorf Design, and they seem to like us too.  We are very grateful to work with them on these amazing projects.