IMG_4468We were recently commissioned to restore a small cabinet that had belonged to our clients mom. The 2 door case had sentimental value which far exceeded it’s usefullness. It is a small 50’s style case with appliques on the front, doors, and a lot of ornate molding. It had been painted white at some point in it’s life and looked more shabby than chic…! Heather Stephens, our office manager, has decided she likes finishing and asked, (…no, begged) if she could do the whole thing from start to finish. I looked at her, i looked at the case, and I looked back at her and made a face and said “I guess”. I thought of all that paint in all those little spaces and thought to myself ” thank god”. I feel like I tricked her.


   Over a period of 3 weeks and about 25 hrs, Heather brushed on paint remover, scratched into the little cravishes, and meticulously picked paint out of hundreds of tiny cracks.IMG_4048
   In the end, the piece has become more than it ever was before.  When a simple piece of furniture has been lovingly restored it takes on the personality of the girl that wanted to work on it. Thanks for the effort Heather, your time and patience is greatly appreciated.