Our busy busy workshop……

     photo 1-1      We’re wrapping up a job for Public School’s new restaurant, “818”. It’s located where Sisely used to be at Ventura and Sepulveda Blvds.. The two big “communal ” tables are solid oak, 9 feet long and weigh about 200 lbs.  They have a custom, beer pong graphic, that was laboriously hand painted.photo 2

     photo 3There’s a hostess stand that will be the first thing you see at P.S. 818. Probably manned by some charming little hostess…”Can I get you a table..?”photo 1
     We’ve been doing spring cleaning as our Christmas present to ourselves…Can you do that..?   

     photo 5See also a Stereo stack, we’re rebuilding, for our tax preparer, Russell Saffer. He’s a music buff and we want to help.
    We also have a bunch of molds for our friends down the street, Ernsdorf Design. They are quickly becoming our best friends.. photo 4
   The best part was, Heather and I gave the guys the day off, Wednesday, and pulled the whole office apart, and then put it back together. It’s new and clean so we’re organized for the new Year…
    This is Chris Karlson Design saying “Merry Christmas to all… we’ll see you next year..!” photo 2-1