IMG_6924Here I am, Chris Karlson, of Chris Karlson Design, along with Heather Stephens, also of Chris Karlson Design, on top of a custom wardrobe, closet, room divider we’re building for Katinka. This project was started almost a year ago, when the house was being framed. Katinka and Peter had some very specific and cool ideas for a piece that serves as a room divider that seperates the master bedroom from the hallway. This includes a wardrobe, closet, linen closet, bench with toy storage and a bookcase, for their newly built house in Venice.  IMG_6951

     The doors were built in the shop out of 9/16ths poplar and have little spaces between the slats. They’ll get painted and so will the plywood , but not the edges.   On top of the whole thing there is a big window frame. The glass goes in tomorrow. The way Heather’s smiling at me, I think she must be in love (..of course not with me) . I know we’re happy to be working together on cool projects like this.

     It’s always nice to work at the beach…although we didn’t actually get into the ocean and go swimming.
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