Basement Bar

Currently at Chris Karlson Design, we are building cabinets and the bar back for the soon to open Basement Bar. Here Rafael fits some shelving and drawers that will be assembled into the bar back or bar center. It’s all made of Okoume plywood, which is inexpensive, but stains well.  The parts you see will fit around a refridgerator and hold cash drawers. It doesn’t look like much now, but wait till it’s installed and stained.



One amenity which Basement Bar will offer is that patrons can keep bottles at the bar. The cabinets you see here will have glass and lock, so that each person can keep an eye on his personal reserve, something I was never able to do. There will be a bottle behind each window…and they’ll be lit up. All in all there’s storage for 100 bottles. I imagine there’s going to be some pretty exotic beverages stored under lock and key…




Here is a bunch of black walnut that will be made into drink rails, and other vertical surfaces. We buy it rough sawn and mill it ourselves…That way we get maximum use of this treasured resource.