Here at Chris Karlson Design, we are updating, modernizing, streamlining, and keeping up with the Jones’s. Part of this massive overhaul is our new website. It’s currently under construction. All the work is being done “in house” and at “her house” by the office manager, Heather Stephens. 
   We are going through thousands of pictures, taken over the last few years, and selecting the best. Then we write a little blurb, if we can remember anything about it. 
   Going back through all these pictures reminds us of all the work we’ve done. All I can say is “It’s a lot..” 
   It’s funny…but even a website can collect dust if it’s not spruced up once in a while..The new site will include a line of our own designs. We’re trying to get away from custom work which is fun, but tiring after all these years. 
  In a few weeks we’ll have a grand re-opening..You’ll see our new website, our blog, our ETSY store, and products available through our new website.
    We’re particularly excited about a line being developed for people that live in small apartments and need small, affordable ,but very coool furnishings…..Keep your eyes open…..