Image     We built this credenza a few weeks ago. It’s a model that I’ve built several times. 80′ long with tambour doors. The design came through Ryan at Loft Thirteen. Usually we make ’em out of walnut, but I got to thinking, which most of the time gets me in trouble. I had a bunch of oak laying around so I fabricated this with the idea of the black limed oak finish. This is sometimes referred to as cerused oak…

   ImageNow let me say right here…it’s a fifty’s piece, with a forty’s finish…I’m not a guy who mixes up my decades, but when you know the rules, you can break them. Especially when it’s done with style and taste. The finish really seems to fit, especially the tambour doors which are made of 1/2 round pieces of oak. The cut seems to bring out the fineness of the grain.
   We called Ryan and he came over, then he came back with this outlandish malachite and brass handle by Pepe Mendoza. It brings back the glorious days when Hollywood was still Hollywood and furniture was colorful, bold and fun…Image