unnamedSorry folks…We have been remiss, and have not posted recently. Here at Chris Karlson Design some things changed. Then they changed back. So …what can I say about that.

   So far this year we have been very busy building the Basement Bar, The United Artists Theater, Our Lady of Loretta Church. and a few other little things.  We also have plans to work on a restaurant in The Grove, A  Chateau in Beverly Hills,  an incredible bathroom in Calabasas, and a house in Lake Tahoe. The Tahoe house is going to require some onsite work, so we’ll be gone in May.

   Here is a picture of “us”.  I’m on the left, Wesley Enoch, Rafael Chavez, and Heather Stephens, our office manager. Together we are a mighty force and we take care of “plenty business”.

One of the things we’re working on is a business facelift. We’re going to upgrade our website, blog, letterhead, cards and overall appearance. That is going to be coupled with a new plan to design and market our own pieces. I like to think I have a good eye for creating modern furniture, and I see credenza’s, bookcases. dining tables and chairs, and bedroom sets in my future. All this will be available through our online store.

Please keep your eyes peeled every week for “Made in L.A.” and repost and share as much as you can…..CK